Fishing northern Sardinia

Sport fishing Sardinia

We have created our company, because we are true lovers of sport fishing in Sardinia and we want to share our passion with others. This region has not only plenty of diverse fish, but also amazing landscapes to admire.


Our services are really exclusive thanks to the excellent location. To the East at Cala Capra Marina, placed between Porto Cervo, Palau and Cannigione, our logistical bases are located. They constitute a great starting point if you want to discover the waters of even such far places as Straits of Bonifacio and the famous port of Isola Rossa. This village is really popular among fishermen and it is a perfect place to begin a tour to the Golfo dell' Asinara. Moreover, we can provide you with a service from every port located in the northern part of Sardinia for a longer excursion (for additional charge). Remember that we can reach you at any port you are at and begin a day fishing together without the need for you to travel.


Sardinia fishing trips

Our centres in Isola Rossa and Cala Capra Marina prepare unforgettable Sardinia fishing trips, taking care of every single detail. You will have all the necessary equipment and baits, as well as a supply of fuel. Apart from that, a delicious lunch will be served for you on board, allowing you to try superb Mediterranean cuisine. If you really love sport fishing, Sardinia will be a perfect place for you to pursue this passion – just let our professional and friendly crew take you on a memorable cruise!

How to fish in the Mediterranean sea?

Every person that enjoys sport fishing will be more than happy with what Sardinian waters offer. The incredible Bluefin Tuna is a common sight here, with the biggest specimen reaching over three meters in length and 650 kg (1400 lbs) in weight. Reeling them in can take hours, because they tend to put up quite a battle, which is why we suggest only experienced fishermen to try their hand at it. Even though there are many methods of catching Bluefin used during Sardinia fishing trips, the most popular is a rod and reel. During our journeys we use dead sardines as bait.


Besides Bluefin, the visitors can have a go at catching Mediterranean Red Snapper, Pargo or prevalent during the warm summers – Aberjack. The key to fishing it is surface trolling, since these particular sea creatures tend to stay near it. The other ways of catching the many different types of fish here, include spinning, popping and vertical jiggling. The islands of Sardinia are amongst one of the most popular and rich in prey destinations of fishing trips, because of the wide variety of species appearing in these waters. You can catch anything – from many types of Tuna, Mackarel to deep-sea Denters and Groupers and many more.


The Mediterranean Sea is a place where you can experience a number of fishing adventures that are going to be accompanied by the beautiful nature around you, interesting history of the island and fascinating mixture of cultures. Get in touch with us if you want to enjoy the pleasures of sport fishing in Sardinia!