Stella Maris - Yacht Charter Sardinia is a company for those who would like to sail, explore and enjoy the beautiful Sardinia coast and islands, with the ability to rent any boat available in the charter.
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Yacht and Boat Charter

Here you can find and book all yachts that can be found in our fleet that cover the regions of Olbia, Mediterranean Sea. Boat rental in Sardinia – also known as active sailing vacation – is very popular among clients who have sailing experience, as well as those who have none. We let you hire a professional, but to rent and navigate the machine without a skipper, you need to possess a valid certificate of competence. When considering our services in Sardinia, like boat tours and trips, make the most of our early booking and last minute discounts. Stella Maris – Yacht Charter Sardinia is a place where your sailing vacation begins.

Even though our company offers a variety of options, the Bareboat charter is selected the most frequently. It allows for the absolute freedom of choice – you are the one who decides where and when to go and you are able to visit all the places that you wanted to see. However, to use this type of boat rental we offer in Sardinia, you need to have prior experience and skills necessary to navigate the vessel on your own. This option gives you and your passengers complete privacy – no employee of our company is going to enter the deck without your permission. It means you can do La Maddalena boat trip or a boat tour of Sardinia, managing the expenses on your own and not having to stick to a pre-appointed plan. Because you will not have to pay for the crew, it is the most cost effective variant for people who have a valid skippers’ licence.

The second most popular boat rental Sardinia’s companies have to offer is Skippered charter of yachts and motor boats. This means you will be able to choose any vessel we have available with an experienced skipper responsible for steering and managing the yacht. The hired captain has all the necessary knowledge of navigating and manoeuvring the yacht, so you and the rest of the passengers will be in good hands. Our employees are communicative, friendly and will do everything in their power to make sure your Sardinia boat trips become an unforgettable but relaxing experience.