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Our Sardinia boat trips are a marvellous idea for unforgettable holidays. You will be stunned with the beauty of this region and the amazing colour of the Mediterranean Sea. Our offer concerns not only boat rental, but especially fishing trips in Sardinia, hence if you are a fan of this sport, you will certainly like our suggestion.

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We always provide you with high-standard services only, because your complete satisfaction is our most important priority. If you choose La Maddalena boat trip or any other tour from our wide offer, you can be sure it will be perfectly organised and really safe. Moreover, we always make sure that you have anything you need during that time.

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Sport fishing in Sardinia is an outstanding experience and it needs a proper setting. Therefore, we have prepared really exclusive La Maddalena boat tours with all the luxuries you need. The cabins are always tidy and equipped with the necessary accessories. We are certain that our offer will meet even the most demanding requirements!


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Sardinia Boat Trips

The offer prepared by Stella Maris include both North Sardinia boat trips and land excursions. During these tours, you can visit such beautiful places as Costa Smeralda, Corsica or La Maddalena Archipelago.


Our land excursions will allow you to see the internal territory, such as Barbagia or Nuoro. What is more, you will have the opportunity to visit Alghero – a city known for its cobblestoned old centre and ancient walls.


Thanks to the trips, you will learn a lot about the life in La Maddalena, Costa Smeralda and Corsica, not only during the day, but at night as well. It is an amazing feeling to admire the beauty of the islands during our Sardinia boat tours. You will be able to, for instance, relax on the beach, swim and also, enjoy delicious meals made by our excellent chef. It will be an unforgettable experience for sure!


During the excursion, you will:

  • - Discover the spectacular archipelago during our Corsica, Costa Smeralda and La Maddalena boat tours,
  • - Have a delicious lunch on board, cooked by a professional chef,
  • - Cruise around the islands with breaks for swimming in crystal-clear sea and spending time on the beach.

The plan of La Maddalena boat tours

We are inviting you to participate in a 7-hour La Maddalena boat trip on amazingly clean waters surrounding the archipelago. This excursion combines both sunbathing and sightseeing, so that everyone would enjoy it to the fullest. You do not have to worry about the language barrier, as our tour guides speak both Italian and English.


You will be taken on a cruise around the islands and, moreover, there will be stops for swimming directly from the boat or for resting at the gorgeous beaches. The price includes your first lunch on board and you will be able to try pasta with really tasty shrimp sauce prepared fresh daily by the skilful chef on the boat. Apart from that, you can order a second course (for additional charge) and enjoy a bar service.


It will certainly be a memorable day at the seaside, with the views that you will be stunned with!


Brief Sardinia Boat Rental Guide

It the middle of Mediterranean Sea lays Sardinia, an Italian island, known as one of the most attractive destination for summer holidays. Visitors can enjoy a number of beautiful beaches and a clear azure water.


Moreover, it is full of maritime landscapes: charming cloves, soaring cliffs, beautiful sandy beaches, swimming pool-like bays and places perfect for water sports – windy and with fascinating currents and waves.


Boat rental in Sardinia lets you observe an unforgettable Mediterranean landscape and enjoy the absolute best facilities for sailors and fish enthusiasts.


What to do in Sardinia?

People who want to enjoy the island should definitely remain in contact with the sea – the number of marinas located along the coastline of Sardinia offer boat rental, tours and even fishing trips. Many places, like some of the most remarkable beaches and impressive inlets, can only be reached through the sea. If you want to relax like celebrities, you are going to enjoy Costa Smeralda, particularly Porto Cervo, which lets you admire the luxury yachts and is known as the best place for sailing.


For the fans of surfing and windsurfing, Isola dei Gabianni offers engaging waves and winds all year round. From the rural area of La Maddalena, you can notice the nearby island of Corsica, which you can take a boat trip to – the distance to sail is nearing 10 nautical miles. If at any point you get tired of the sea, you can find a variety of activities on the island.


The rich history of Sardinia includes ancient civilisations and many cultures roaming its lands. The most remarkable remnants of them are megalithic tombs, like the Tomb of the Giants or Nuraghe towers, and a number of medieval edifices – castles, churches and fortifications. Even though many Sardinian cities are visually stunning, you will definitely appreciate the architecture of Alghero and Cagliari. If you are more of the explorer type, you can wander around caves and other natural attractions.


Sardinia Beaches

Sardinian beaches vary greatly, but each and every one of them is amazing for relaxation with its crystal clear water. If you decided on a boat rental, you will be happy to hear that the majority of them approve anchoring. The beaches in the north and east are typically very small and private, located between soaring cliffs and near forests. You definitely need to experience the shores at Costa Smerlada, popular because of its emerald waters and delicate sands. Western beaches tend to be much bigger and are often covered in sand dunes.

Cala Goloritzè

Cala Goloritzè is one of the west coast beaches, located in the Gulf of Orosei. It is characterised by turquoise blue waters and beautiful rock formations and towering cliffs. Neighbouring Cala Marilou is very similar and located just a couple of meters to the north. If you decided on a Sardinian boat trip, you will be happy to learn it is much easier to access them by the sea.


In the Northwest, located near Piana Island, is simply breathtaking La Pelosa. The beach is known for its impossibly shallow waters – the white sands can be seen through the surface of the clear blue sea. The atmospheric fortification from the sixteenth century on a neighbouring islet adds to this place’s character and magnetism.

Porto Pino

Porto Pino is a long sandy beach in the south-west part of Sardinia, surrounded by a couple of resorts and frequently visited by tourists. The place is covered in alluring white sand and sizeable dunes. The flora found in that place is similar to that of a desert and is common for many Mediterranean areas.

Costa Smeralda

Costa Smeralda is recognised as a place where the rich and famous spend their holidays at. It is full of dozens of glamorous beaches, located in the North-east Sardinia. Some of the most popular cities include Cala di Volpe, Olbia or Porto Cervo. No matter if you are in Sardinia because of your affection for fishing trips or simply exploring new places, you should definitely decide on a boat tour and enjoy the emerald waters of Costa Smeralda. Capricolli or Liscia Ruja will quickly become one of the most climactic places you have ever been to.


Sardinia fishing trips

Stella Maris emerged from a true passion for sport fishing in Sardinia and our love for the beauty of the sea. This region is full of fish, hence you will certainly enjoy spending your holidays there. Our company will organise an amazing excursion that you will certainly enjoy. We have offered boat rental in Sardinia for many years already, so now we are immensely experienced and we know what should be taken care of in order to prepare a marvellous cruise. We will provide you with all the luxuries you need and arrange a neat cabin for you to rest in. Choosing our Sardinia fishing trips, nobody will be disappointed with the standard of services!